If you were looking to purchase something today, we encourage you to check out your local shops online store first. If they have the item you were looking, for buy it from them. That way you’re supporting your local business and ensuring your community thrives.

As a brand, we have worked with local retailers from day one and they have supported us. They believed in our creativity and they stood behind our ambition that socks needed to feel softer, perform better and be superior in quality. Providing a style statement that you could be proud of. It is during these times of uncertainty that we must show commitment to these retailers and stand by them, as they have done for us.

Shoes off, socks on and stay safe throughout.

-The Stance Family

P.S. We interviewed a number of our key independent doors and friends of Stance. Meet them below.


Brokedown Palace - UK

Specialist Adventure and Lifestyle Store - London, UK

Owner - DeeDee O’Connell

Zero G - France

Specialist snow and mountain sports - Chamonix, France

Owner - Martin Green

Manager - Tom Wilson North (featured)

The Running Works - UK

Specialist running and fitness store - London, UK

Manager - David Plumer