BikeStormz come to #StanceCoventGarden

BikeStormz is the biggest underground youth movement in the UK. It was born out of the community in 2015 with the hope that together, riders can encourage positivity and peace amongst young people throughout the UK. 
The Founder
BikeStormz was founded by social entrepreneur Mac Ferrari Guy. Mac’s vision was conceived as a result of investing his life working with many young people in varying capacities, from youth worker to community mentor. As a result of being committed and consistent Mac become a well-respected role model for many young people, his influence and reach spanning across many of the London Boroughs, particularly in North and West London. 
Having a passion for pedal bikes, Mac wanted to see how many young people he could inspire to ride alongside each other in unity and harmony, simply to have fun and display their passion and talents. Mac created the first and biggest youth ride-out England had ever seen. Mac soon realised that this was the beginning of something special, a family of riders was being created and a culture was being formed.  
This was the birth of BikeStormz. 


The Journey

Since 2015, co-founders Mac Ferrari and Jake 100 have brought together thousands of people from across the country to protest against violent crime. Operating under the mantra ‘knives down, bikes up’, BikeStormz provides an alternative to violent crime, while encouraging positivity and peace amongst young people. 

On June 2017 Bikestormz 5 was created and the movement reached a major milestone as we were able to secure an authorised venue to bring the ride out to a climax. Throughout the years the organisers of BikeStormz have successfully managed eight ride outs and the movement has rapidly grown in numbers since that time. The organisers are committed to the safety and security of all those who attend the ride outs and as such work very closely with the local council in Southwark and other neighbouring boroughs as well as the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance service. 

The Exhibition

Running from 9-15th August, #StanceCoventGarden presents ‘Riders’, an exhibition showcasing the #BikeStormz movement. 

The ‘Riders’ exhibition reveals the vibrant community behind BikeStormz, documenting the recent bi-annual ride out across Central London, where Riders of all ages are encouraged to ‘put down the knives’ and wheelie amongst the BikeStormz community.

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