Introducing Valentina Höll

Vali Höll montage 1

Stance is proud to welcome Valentina Höll (@valihoell) to its roster of European Riders - With her eyes fixed firmly on the prize, Valentina is a two times Downhill Junior World Champion whose fearlessness and confidence on two wheels has propelled her onto the main stage with the Elites. After some pretty gnarly crashes, Vali’s been recovering, but is on the mend and ready to take back her rightful place on the podium.


What would you say was the best way to describe yourself?

Determined, humble, sometimes a bit too introverted, sushi and Gin Tonic lover :)


We know you’ve been recovering from your crash at the World Championships, how was that journey?

It was actually quite good! It was my first big injury, so I was actually quite excited to follow that process. But I guess if you get more injuries over the years it will get annoying hahah.


What have you got in the pipeline this year?

Well, I crashed in my first elite season, so I missed all the races. Now we are half way in the 2021 season, I’ve placed 2nd in my first elite world cup and won Crankworx but crashed again at my 2nd world cup. Sooo I better try to stay more on my bike the next races hahah. I think I need to figure out how to handle my expectations and not stressing myself too much, I still have a few more years in front of me, where I can show what I can do.


What first inspired you to get on two wheels?

I guess my parents. They’ve always ridden bikes, but never on a professional level. They supported me from day one on :)


What made you want to take things to a competitive level?

I’ve always been super competitive as a kid, but only in the sports where I knew I was good in. I did a lot of ski racing, but the vibe wasn’t that much fun, compared to Downhill (and I was always too cold). So when I was 14 I decided to stop ski racing and concentrating on biking.


If you weren’t riding professionally, what career would you of seen yourself in?

That’s a tough one. I graduated from school just last year and I still haven’t figured out what I should study at university. My parents host a chalet up in the mountains, but I don’t really like to talk to strangers haha. I think it would be something like managing athletes or working at a cool company as a marketing manager.


What gear do you usually ride in?

Rocking my TLD kit plus Red Bull painted helmet. TLD gloves and protection. Oakley Goggles. Five Ten shoes and Stance Socks.
Why Stance?
I’ve always been wearing Stance socks, I think I don’t even have other socks in my wardrobe. I love the style, the fit and the durability. Perfect for all my adventures.


Do you have a certain mantra that you live by?

I believe in karma. So when I treat people well, I will get good things in return. Also if something is not running smooth at the moment, better things are just waiting around the corner.


What does your average day look like?

Waking up, cup of coffee, good breakfast, off to the gym, a road bike ride or a few laps in the Bikepark and then at night hanging out at the pump track with friends.


What’s your worst habit?

I loveee dessert and ice cream!


If you were hosting a dinner party, who would you invite, dead or alive?

I think it would be Evil Knievel, Bille Eilish, Jamie Anderson and Rachel Atherton.


Most memorable ride you’ve ever been on or competed in?

Best event I competed in was at Crankworx Whistler in 2019, I was still to young to race in Elites but they let me in and placed 2nd between my heros.


What’s the next steps for you?

Learning as much as possible this season, to not make any Rookie mistakes next season haha.


After racing, have you ever thought about what you’d like to do?

No not really but I would like to support some future talents!


What do you do to unwind?

Going for walks with the puppy or going for bikepark laps with my friends.


What three items would you take to a desert island?

Sunglasses, music and Gin


What would your death row dinner be and why?

Sushi from Sushivillage in Whistler, B&J Chunky Monkey and Strawberry Margarita


Lastly, any words of wisdom to anyone trying to follow their dreams?

Don’t give up and try to keep having fun!