The Last Waves of Summer: A travel adventure by Evie Johnstone


Travel & Lifestyle photographer Evie Johnstone took to the coastline of Northern Spain for a solo surf adventure as her first getaway since the pandemic struck. In search for that freedom feeling, she opens up about the beauty and sereneness of enjoying the waves of unfamiliar lands. Kick back and wade your way through an array of images and words to accompany that will keep you dreaming of sun kissed pursuits…


Northern Spain, a few words. 

Travelling solo for me has always been the recipe for the perfect adventure. My van is small, podgy, *and slightly dishevelled*, but effective. Stealth camping is key. The surf here is like places I've only dreamed of. Like with all surf spots, there's that apprehension of the locals. There's always that one leathery face in the line up, he's been angry for so long that his face is stuck like that. You take a wide berth when paddling past, but even he cracked up a smile when I went over the lip on what should have been my wave of the trip.

Eucalyptus trees fringe the ocean, mountains skirt the coastline, and the Picos de Europa are magical. You can dive from the beach into the mountains in minutes. The highway kisses the coastline, and travelling with no agenda means you can dip down each road and find a new spot to surf, camp and enjoy.


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Beers are a euro, coffees are a euro, and you can dine like a queen for a tenner. It puts England to shame. When it rains it pours, expect to get dirty and learn to live with it, but when the sun shines it warms your soul, and you can empty out the van to dry your life.



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Northern Spain is not one to be overlooked, more so to be explored and adored. Every road leads to something draw dropping, whether it be a left hand point break, a barreling beach break, the perfect longboard set up or a dramatic climb up a secluded mountain. Scattered bars serve cold Estrella Galicia on tap with that creamy top that one can't not help but crave. Not to mention the smell of fresh bread every morning, the tortilla, the gambas, and the smily, happy people that make you want to move here immediately.



Thank you Asturias, you've blown my mind and life on the road has been good with you. I'll look forward to the next adventure here.