As we enter the new year, Stance wanted to catch up with punk and poet and functional strength / conditioning specialist Da Rulk on his tips on how we can all stay on course with our fitness and health New Years resolutions goals. Read below to hear it from the man himself on what it takes. #alwayscan @da_rulk


Why do people tend to fall off their fitness resolutions? 

I think many times, although we have the best of intentions, we over complicate exercise and create unrealistic expectations to execute our goals.



Life gets busy, what are some things the average person can do on the daily to keep on exercising? 

Making small commitments to devote time for yourself every single day. Creating short term goals and shifting your focus on consistency rather than intensity.


Being that eating is part of the fitness process, how does one stay on track in the kitchen? 

Different foods and dietary parameters should be individualised for everyone. Finding out what works best for your body is key, but the one thing that we can manage is portion control. When and how much we eat is just as important as what we eat.


How do you keep your clientele motivated to stay on track with their health and fitness New Year's resolutions? 

I encourage my clientele to focus less on aesthetics and more about how they are feeling. A new years resolution should be more focused on how strong and healthy you feel rather than on how others view you. Looking amazing is just a byproduct of feeling amazing inside.


What are some new fitness resolutions you are aiming for the new year? I am dedicating more time to recovery both mentally and physically. 

I push myself very hard on a daily basis and rest is the one commodity I definitely need more of in my life.


Where can our audience learn more about you? 

You can follow me on Instagram @Da_Rulk