Meet the Creators: David Wallace


David Wallace Shoots - Photographer, Creative Director, Skateboarder


We know you love to travel, how have you dealt with the pandemic and how has that affected your creativity?


The current times have been challenging for everyone and the travel aspect is a big part seeing other cultures and exploring others lands is amazing and but this time has shown us that we can create epic scenarios locally and its definitely pushed me outside the box when thinking creativity. Keep creating and keep pushing boundaries


We’ve seen you’ve worked with some pretty big names, who is your white whale celebrity that you’d like to have the opportunity to photograph?


It's crazy, i am very lucky to shoot such talented individuals. Will Smith would be so much fun. I find it interesting hearing the stories and information from talented people.


We know you like to get ultra creative with your shots, what’s been the most difficult shot to get?


This is the part of photography which i love, i love trying to get the impossible shot, trying to think of new ways of shooting and something a bit creative. There are a number of creative shots that i am waiting for the right situation!



Who are your biggest inspirations?


Photography, skateboarding and the sound and movement of life!


If you could come up with your dream Stance collaboration, who would it be with and why?


There are so many incredible individuals and brands that would suit so well. Some kind of basketball collaboration would be insane or one of the Marvel actors, its been a dream to shoot the Marvel series! A StarWars collaboration. I have a couple we will discuss that could be very exciting!


Any tips for anyone looking to get into photography that would of helped you when you first started?

Take your camera everywhere, shoot everything and dont be afraid to take your camera out


Where can our community find our find more of your work? or @davidwallaceshoots